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Proactive Problem Solving,
General Corporate Law, Healthcare Law

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About Me

Rowan Samuelson Law, LLC

Attorney at Law ; Health Care Administrator | Tampa, Florida | Law Practice

Dedicated, enthusiastic professional. All matters in corporate, health care law, general business.


  • Review your contracts *advise you on alternative strategies
  • Explain your rights under the law
  • Assist you in organizing important documents
  • Advocate your position
  • Common sense problem solving with an ethical approach
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What is a Lawyer
What is a Lawyer?

What exactly is a lawyer?

A lawyer (also called attorney, counsel, or counselor) is a licensed professional who advises and represents others in legal matters.

What are the professional requirements for becoming a lawyer?

To understand how laws and the legal system work, lawyers must go through special schooling. Each state has enacted standards that must be met before a person is licensed to practice law there. Before being allowed to practice law in most states, a person must:

Subsequent to a thorough vetting process of federal and statewide review of character, fitness, and the educational prerequisites being established, then a qualified candidate must pass a state administered BAR EXAM and score the percentile for passing. The Exam usually consists of essays, multiple choice, and multi-state legal and ethical questions.

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